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Digital Panoramafotography - Segment-Technique

100° Digital Panoramacamera

From my "3D digital camera" project I has 2 synchronized digital camerae. I had the idea not attaching these two camerae on a line, but in a corner and being able to take such a larger viewpoint. I still must join the pictures, but one also could take busy objects (sporting events), since both camerae work synchronously.
The both Olympus "D-100" camerae have a focal length of 35 mm, therefore a viewpoint of 54.4°. By the twisty order,  one could come a viewpoint of max. 108°. There I still need some picture information, to join the pictures, I decided in favour of a corner between 45° and 50°.  One can very easily vary the range of 5° when attaching on the mount. I became a viewpoint between 90° and 100°, what corresponds to a focal length of 18-15 mm - though without the barrel distortion.
One takes a third synchronized camera and gets a viewpoint of approx. 140°, thats the result from HORIZON or WIDELUX (two cameras with pan objective). A picture proportionally of approx. 1:4!

Note: By the order of the camerae, the Nodalpunkt cannot certainly and be not adhered either! Well not suitable for near objects!

Both camerae around approx. 45° moves.

Tree makes from 2 pictures
Example: At this example can be recognized well, my two camerae didn't 100% the same.
Joining the pictures was more difficult, than at the vertical Pano, surely by the missing spirit-level!
Horizontal example! Lateral ratio: approx. 1:3