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Digital Panoramafotography - ONE-Shot: mirror vs. fisheye

With a Fisheye and a mirror we have 2 methods to create an ONE-Shot 360° panorama. The only difference of both is the viewpoint. The Fisheye must make the picture from ground. A mirror makes sense only at an "over-head" picture that is in approx. 1.5 to 3 m of height.



The original picture:

An "over-head" photo with
blue sky.  The surroundings are mirrored and are shown
in the picture. The centre
with photographer is
removed later.

The camera with Fisheyeobjektiv is in approx. 25 cm of height. By the admission corner of approx. 183° the horizon also can be seen again.
Effect: the photographer is in the picture (at approx. 10 o'clock).
REMAP, options of the Panotools:
Convert from: Convex Mirror
Convert to: PSphere    
HFOV (°): 300      
VFOV (°): 0        

Convert from: Fisheye vert.
Convert to: PSphere    
HFOV (°): 200      
VFOV (°): 0        
Panotool result:

Result stands on the head. Effective range was marked!

The result can almost be taken on untreatedly. For the rotation I refine the picture in the lower range so that a lateral ratio of 1:2 arises.

In the two examples the horizon is not quite just - this has resulted from the crooked hold for the camera (I had forgotten my spirit-level  :-(   harm!)
The pictures of the mirror technique are different by the used mirror, it in this case was my "soup ladle".
Manufacture Rotation:

Simply have to click and to rotate once!
The "Gut Geisendorf" can be seen!